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Say goodbye to single-use containers and be part of the change.

With Emplato we make it very easy for you!

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How does Emplato work?

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1. Download the App

Get the Emplato app for free on your phone or electronic device.

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2. Place your order

Order through the app and pick up the food in Emplato’s reusable containers from your favorite local.

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3. Scan the code

Use Emplato easily and comfortably by scanning the QR code of your order.

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4. Return your Emplato

Enjoy your food and return the Emplato containers within a maximum of 14 days.


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Reusable containers for each dish

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As the only reusable solution, we offer containers for all types of food and drinks. With the right solution for each need.

Your advantages as a partner:

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Increase in sales

Become a Emplato partner and increase the visibility of your business through our application by making you known.

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Decrease in costs

Save on packaging costs with each order. And pay a fair amount for the use of our Emplatos.

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For all tastes

Offer a 100% sustainable option and grow your brand by providing a suitable product for each need.

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Take-away food restaurants, bistros, and cafes must offer their products in reusable containers from January 2023.

The reusable option should not be more expensive than disposable food and beverage containers. Emplato is your perfect solution. The first and pioneering reusable solution from Gran Canaria. Containers for all foods and beverages. We have the right solution for each individual need.

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Our mission

We live in a linear production model, where we extract, manufacture and throw away... We are reaching the limit and circular economy is the solution.

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By 2030, over half of the plastic waste generated in Europe should be recyclable.


To mitigate environmental consequences, it is necessary to minimize waste generation and to promote products to stay in the economy for as long as possible.


Circular economy improves economic results while reducing resource use.

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